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“Ramaphosa Must Go!” South Africa Braces National Shutdown 🔥🇿🇦

Police in South Africa have been deployed in streets of Johannesburg in South Africa to count the heavy protest against President Ramaphosa.

South Africa is on streets protesting against Ramaphosa’s government which they have termed it Corrupt, Illegal, and has failed to cater for the South African peoples’ basic needs like Water, Food, Electricity and Education.

Speaking on Camera yesterday, Julius Malema said the EFF team won’t be intimidated by anybody and the plans to host nationwide protests remains rigid from Monday 20th 2023, from 6AM- 6PM and requires nobody’s authorisation since it’s a constitutional right to exercise protest and demonstrations when government fails in its mandated to the people it represents or serves.

Early today the protests have begun as scheduled and more than 3000 solders and police have been deployed to count the protests.

Several people have been already arrested following the protests and riots in Johannesburg South Africa.

Business people have closed their businesses in fear of distraction while other have decided to remain open.

Economic Fighters have called for National Shutdown and demands Ramaphosa to step down from power as president.

Watch the video below of what Is taking shape in South Africa;

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Written by Antony Mckenzy

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