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Reasons why men are not asking you out😶😶

Actress Destiny Etiko has come out to speak on why she is single. Destiny said she felt disappointed that men were not asking her out and that was why she has remained single.She revealed that she had not yet seen her dream man

She went on to reveal that men thought that she was spoiled because she was a celebrity. She added that most men think that she cannot date a man who was not in her class. According to her, this was a wrong perception.Destiny said that all she can date any man who knows what makes her happy.Her disclaimer was on timid men saying that she can not settle with such a man.

She asked men to become courageous enough to ask women who may even be richer than them. Destiny revealed that most celebrities are still single because they do not know who to accept in their lives. They are also not sure if the people they accept really love them or they are there just because of the money.

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