Revealed: Alarming Amount Of Money Eric Omondi Is Making On His Street Protests! 🤭🇰🇪

It’s so ironical that while other Kenyans are on street’s fighting for their democracy and their rights on living standards, Eric Omondi is getting paid.

Eric Omondi

The Kenyan comedian has been reported to be conducting the street protest for his own advantage both politically and financially.

Certain number of Non Governmental Organisations NGO’s are said to be funding Eric and also paying him a huge amount of money every week.

According to gospel artist Ringtone, he made it clear that When Eric Omondi is arrested and taken to court some artists do contribute money to pay for his bailout and that makes him (Eric) more richer.

He also added that Eric Omondi is set to buy a palatial home at Karen due the fact that he is doing a successful business while on his ongoing street protest.

Watch the video below to see more details on the millions Eric Omondi is smashing every week.

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Written by Antony Mckenzy

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