Top 4 Richest Billionaire Bloggers In The World

1. Ariana Huffington – $250 million per year

Ariana Huffington has been a serious contender for top-earning blogger in 2022 for a long time. She is one of the co-founders of the ‘Huffington Post,’ which has a large audience. After 2005, Ariana became well-known, and in 2011, she became famous worldwide. She also built a full-fledged media empire, with generating $250 million in annual revenue as her principal source of income.

2. Tim Sykes – $120 million per year

Tim Sykes is the second most well-known blogger in the world. He makes a lot of money teaching others how to trade penny stocks on DVD courses. He also has over 1.2 million social media followers, allowing him to earn a steady monthly income. Tim continues to express his opinions on social media and receives paid advertisements as a result. was founded by Tim in 2007. He specializes in the financial field, instructing people on the fundamentals of scam-free, key-pattern, and stock-trading tactics. Tim’s blogs bring in $120 million per year.

3. Peter Rojas – $50 million per year

Peter Rojas has made a significant contribution to the blogging industry, giving him a prominent position in the internet media. In 2004, he decided to enter the blogging sector by launching the website’He also earns $50 million every year by participating in the direct advertisement. Her involvement in reviewing technology products, gear, gaming and events, and entertainment has increased his notoriety and earnings.

4. Perez Hilton – $40 million per year

Perez Hilton made a lot of money by participating in indirect ads. Her annual earnings from his blogging services are believed to be $40 million.

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