Robert Burale The Coach!πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ

Many have been asking why I have put it on my Instagram bio,”inspired by @burale1″ the answer is simple.I use to be a person who didn’t know to solve issues amicably, I use to fight anyone whom we could differ without thinking of the aftermath.

As I was going through my Instagram,I happen to see a clip of burale talking on switch tv under a topic or is it a show dubbed “the naked truth.”

That’s when I realized that truth is hurting,truth is bitter and truth is hard to accept.It took me a number of days to put my life into order after calling an impromptu meeting with myself.

That’s when I changed,started fighting for the rights of the oppressed,I recall when I was a casual worker at a certain company,we use to start work as early as 630 a.m and end as late as 730 p.m.

Whenever we asked for overtime dues we were threatened hence making us to have no option but to accept and bear with the situation.

When I aired the grievances on my Instagram account. Burale responded by urging me to give him my contacts,he was out of country,the day he jetted back he called me,we discussed over the matter in question,but due to his busy schedules,he didn’t manage to give it his best.

I have never met him in person,we do talk over phone,he is a good person. He made me understand to use the knowledge of “free will,” I can make decisions without being biased something which was very difficult before interacting with him.

Robert Burale is not only the man to watch but also to allow him to coach.

I will always respect him,I haven’t make it in life but I am glad I am not the same person I was two years back.

Burale,be blessed.

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