This Are Some Of The Things That Are Killing Ladies Slowly

Every lady wants to live a comfortable, free and healthy life. This desire of ladies trying to live a healthy life has necessitated them to use some of harmful ways of taking care of their bodies.

Taking Unprescribed Drugs. When ladies are on their periods they may go through a lot of pain, hence they might go into an extra mile to purchase drugs that act as painkillers. This painkillers are causing harmful effects in their bodies.

Wearing Of Tight Bras. Most of the ladies like wearing tight bras. Wearing of this tight bras isn’t safe for ladies since research has shown that wearing of bras can lead to breast cancer.

Eating Of Cucumber. This are healthy fruits but they are known to cause worms in the stomach. The Cucumbers contains Cucurbitacin on the ends, hence it can cause stomach warms.

Taking Of Processed foods. Ladies love taking processed foods, since they are easy to prepare not knowing that this processed foods contain harmful sugars. This sugar can cause diabetes, cancer, pressure and so many other lifestyle diseases.

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