Common Kissing Mistakes

Kissing is the act of expressing a thoughts or strong feelings to a person you love.

Kissing causes a chemical reaction in ones brain,including a burst of the oxytocin hormone.Sometimes these oxytocin hormone can be referred to us love hormone.

Today these article is going to highlight some of the things which partners should avoid doing while they are kissing because they are major turn offs.

1.Dont be full while kissing

It’s good when you are kissing you put on a smiling face.This is because a smile creates or brings affection to the partner and makes kissing more enjoyable and interesting.Butvif you put a dull face while kissing,what should come it your mind is that,a dull face is a turn off the a person.

2.Dont open your eyes

It is good you always close your eyes while you are kissing.Whenyou open your eyes it shows how rude and awkward you are.

It also indicates you are not interested in kissing.That is why it is always good for couples to close eyes always.

3. Don’t cover the entire mouth of your partner.

These is something you have to understand, that covering the mouth can turn her off.No matter how excited you are try to avoid that because it sounds like an ampush.What you should know is that these is something which has to take slowly and let intensity build.

4.Watch your tongue carefully.

Don’t let your tongue run away with the kiss.Once the kiss intensify,gently what you are supposed to do is to introduce your tongue into his mouth.

Always remember these is only practiced by married partners not friends.

Don’t always do these things continueosly it’s good you take a break since it is essential.Take a break,breaks the monotony of things and and helps in creating up some of the excitement.

Don’t forget always that when you are kissing it is good you make sure that your mouth is well maintained ,so that it does not produce bad smell which will be a major turn off to your partner.

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