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Sonko’s Daughter Thicky Sandra Faints For The First Time In Matatu ! 😩🇰🇪

Mike Sonko’s daughter Thicky Sandra has had an experience of a lifetime after boarding a matatu for the first time.

The flashy politician’s daughter revealed that she had never boarded a public means of transport and expressed how uncomfortable she felt while in it.

Sonko’S Daughter Thicky Sandra

The influencer said she could not believe how strangers sit close to each other daily.

“Sijui kwanini milinipandisha matatu. I have never been in a matatu my whole life. I was quite uncomfortable, kwanza when Sammy Boy told me this is how you sit with a random person. Like I need my personal space but it was fun.”

“But it wasn’t really public juu we just rented the whole bus. But the spacing, I feel like they need more spacing surely. You’re so close to someone you don’t know labda msee amesweat and you’re sitting near a sweaty person, I can’t imagine sitting near someone who’s like so sweaty, I’m gonna faint,” she said.

Photo: Thicky Sandra (Instagram)


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Written by Antony Mckenzy

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