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Stella Of The Famous ‘Stella Wangu Song’ Opens Up After 30 Years Revealing What Really Happened And Why She Was Carrying A Japanese Baby

After 31 years of quiet, “Stella” has now addressed Freshly Mwamburi’s accusations of adultery. He recently made his claims in the song “Stella Wangu.”

A cover by up-and-coming musician Kayte Melo features ‘Stella’ trying to explain to Freshly what he ought to have done after seeing her get off the airport holding a child in her arms.

In the cover, “Stella” admits that Freshly had done everything in his power to guarantee that she had a top-notch education overseas since they had been in a committed relationship.

In the “Stella” video, young Mwamburi is shown with the love of his life.

She continues by saying that after completing her studies in Japan, she informed Freshly of her intended arrival in Kenya and anticipated that he would pick her up. However, things didn’t go as planned.

‘Stella’s’ companion travelers on the journey to Kenya were a Japanese couple and their young child. She embraced the opportunity to share her infatuation with Freshly with them.

Even offering to carry the baby for the couple, she did so. “Chung” and “Stella” got out of the plane with the infant as it landed, and his wife followed them out.

As anticipated, Freshly was waiting for her at the airport, but he was displeased with what he saw andassumed that Chung’ was now ‘Stella’s’husband, which angered him.

‘Stella’ explains that she handed the baby to Chung’ and hurriedly chased after Freshly, who was walking away.

Unfortunately, Freshly had already gotten in his car and left when she arrived, leaving her feeling powerless.

For Freshly, “Stella” resolves the puzzle
However, “Stella” looks back on cradling Chung’s child after getting off the plane since it lost her her connection with Freshly.

In contrast, ‘Stella’ feels that Freshly should have waited for her to exit the plane before approaching her with inquiries as opposed to making assumptions about the kid on his own.

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