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Stevo Simple Boy Planned To Sleep With His Two Female Managers! 🛌🤣🇰🇪

Kenyan artist by name Stevo Simple Boy has officially dropped one of his managers.

Simple Boy who announced the news while in Mombasa at an event that he failed to perform, accused the manager of being a traitor.

Stevo had traved to Mombasa to perform on the SolFestival event whose main artist was Ruger a Nigerian artist.

Comedian Eric Omondi also on his Instagram account made it clear that he will make sure the Stevo Simple Boy’s managers get arrested.

He went on to saying that the Kenyan artist was planned to sleep on the same one bed with his two female managers and the event organisers didn’t pay the Simple Boy for attendance, indeed it was a big shame. Furthermore, Simple Boy had to book a bus to travel back to Nairobi other than a plane!

Here is what Eric Omondi put lamenting on the bad management by Steve Simple Boys managers.

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Written by Antony Mckenzy

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