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Stun Warning To Women On Dating Apps Medical Doctor Issues! ⚠️

The love of Airbnb life has become an hazard to many of our female’s lives in Kenya.

But why do you love spending the so called Good Times at these business houses called Airbnb? Is it that you want to raise your class ?

Currently Kenyans are wondering what’s going on with the Femicide killings happening every day on those rooms dubbed Airbnb.

Are ladies afraid or desperate for love? Why can’t they opt to meet and date in an open area like in an Hotel, Garden Park, Shamba, Or even Police station?

Put the joke aside, why loose life just because you want a partner ? Many of men today have master the art of using social media and other dating apps to lure women and satisfy their immoral desires. Don’t be a victim of love anymore, trust yourself and wait for your time and the right partner will show up. No hurry no rush. Don’t follow the multitude foolishly. Open your eyes wide.

Medical doctor Lewis Muchile has warned women against looking for their ‘other part’ on dating apps.

Dr Lewis Muchile

He said; “There’s no relationship call dating. You are either single , married or having casual twa twa . Don’t date . If he wants you , tell them to meet your father after you have had an official date. Don’t be scared to be alone. You’ve seen the trend of men killing women in Airbnb ? Men don’t treat women on dating apps seriously ” Concluded

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Written by Antony Mckenzy

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