The Only Animal That Kills Itself When Stressed

Tarsiers are haplorrhine apes that belong to the Tarsiidae family.

They are little nocturnal animals with huge eyeballs that measure roughly 16 mm (0.63 in) in diameter and are believed to be as massive as, if not larger than, the entire brain.

They have long arms and fingers, and their heads can rotate 180 degrees in either direction, giving them 360-degree vision.

Tarsier’s hearing frequency is 91kHz allowing it to hear a slight movement that is far away. This helps to escape predictors and they can utilize it to monitor the movements of their prey.

Tarsiers devour a variety of insects, including spiders, termites, beetles, moths, ants, grasshoppers, walking sticks, cockroaches, crickets among others.


They also eat fruits and leaves. They drink water to refresh and quench their thirst.

Tarsiers are unable to blink, thus they use their tongue to clean their eyes. Their eyes are so big and protruding thus allowing them to see 180°.

This is because tarsiers are shy and frightened creatures, and activities like handling them, utilizing camera flashes, and keeping them in a cage tend to stress them out in captivity.

When a tarsier is agitated, it slams its head against objects, killing it. You will find a lot of them died when they are subject to torture and an unfriendly environment.

As tree-dwellers, they live in impenetrable forests, thick scrubland, and even agricultural land. Celebes, Belitung, Natuna, Sumatra, Borneo, and Baryka are the southern Philippine islands where they can be found.

When taken to a new habitat, they kill themselves because the environment is new.

They have a lifespan of two to twelve years. I depends mostly on death, environmental factors, and the habitat they are in. Most of them die by suicide.

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