The Biggest Lies About Money!🀬

We fail to achieve our dreams and goals simply because we are already trapped.

Many people send their whole lives chasing for more money every day and that fact is that, money will never be enough.

Some of you are capable of making their live fortunes so quickly and realistic if they master the following reasons that make them trapped in lie about money.

  1. You’re Throwing your Money away on Rent.

This is a big lie that many people always can’t find it so quickly. Even though we spend money paying for bills such as hospital fees and house rents, it’s so hard to believe that we can make our lives turn about if we focus on the amount of me give out on rent.

Someone will great minds a strong vision will realise that rent is liability and not not an asset for you. Hence, you will have to figure out how much you need to spend on it.

It’s not a big deal for one to cut the cost of the rent and focus on saving some good money for his or her investments and hence become someone different in a near future. But if you focus on paying huge amount of money on a high classic rental house then your chances of saving money diminishes and your likely to turn to be poor in near future too.

  1. Buying a House is Always a Good Investment.

This is quite not really at all. Once you spend your money on buying something that doesn’t appreciate in value in a given time period then that becomes a liability to you. Many people think that buy a house will cut off some cost of paying for rent hence forgetting that they have spend already in buying the new house.

So, buying a big new home or house isn’t an investment, it’s a liability. Investment is when you buy real estates that will eventually bring back the money you spent building it or purchasing it.

  1. You Need Alot Of Money To Start Investing.

Only week minds thinks in this perspective.

Money isn’t what you basically need to start any new business or investment.

Consider having a unique idea, Paper and a Pen as the first step to actualizing your dream.

Get some good people or friends that have Knowledge in the field you would like to invest in.

Then get some amount of start up capital and eventually you find your have made big strides in making dreams come true.

  1. Investing Is Complicated And For The  Rich.

In a such perspective reasoning you are only fooling yourself.

Anyone is capable of becoming an investor and grow up wealthy.

The only basic concept here is to begin from lower levels of investment.

Remember no one is born rich or wealthy but all that is created. So be creative too.

  1. You Should Always Avoid Credit Cards.

Now, you first need to understand that some credit cards are liabilities to you.

Having to pay for things that can make any profit or returns to you in future is basically a liability.

Its a point of concern to let you know that credit cards can make one achieve a financial freedom if taken in positive way. I mean for good reasons why to have such credit cards.

The point is learn how to avoid unnecessary credit cards that don’t add value to your life or make them an asset to by reselling them to others how may have need for it.

  1. Students Loans Are Good Debts.

This is a big lie that society has enforced it to many young people how are called students.

If you get the loans and you obvious know you will have to repay it later then you lack to have the job what will you do?

First, the kind of education provided in schools aren’t guarantee of good job or any nice future.

This is because today’s kind of schools and education give it’s more of business than anything else.

Schools only want you to excel so that they may use you to advertise their business for more clients to enroll in such courses offered.

Then, how will you benefit given the loan to get a education that doesn’t apply in real life situations?

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