What Competency Based Curriculum is All About

In just simple terms, the Kenyan Competence based curriculum(CBC) is a new system of education designed by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum development (KICD) team and launched by the ministry of education in the year 2017.

The CBC is designed to emphasize the significance of developing skills and knowledge and also applying those competencies to real-life situations.

The CBC is made up of 7 core competencies, that includes: Communication and collaboration, Critical thinking and problem solving, imagination and creativity, citizenship, learning to learn, self-efficacy and lastly Digital literacy.

The CBC has some life values that the learner should learn at the end of the learning period. The learner should be molded to have the following values ; Love, Responsibility, Respect, Unity, peace, patriotism and integrity. The CBC is divided into three levels: Early years education, middle school education and senior school.

Some of the differences in the new curriculum are: class are now called grades, learning resources are now used instead of teaching aids, subject areas are now reoffered to as learning areas and many others

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