Ukraine Escape Is Becoming Increasingly Desperate

The war between Ukraine and Russia is intensifying day in day out. Russian president has become deviant in ending this war, most of Ukraine citizens are now living in fear.

several foreigners and citizens of Ukraine have fled away from Ukraine. Now the escape is becoming increasingly desperate, as of now it is believed that over 2.6 million people have fled away from Ukraine.

The Russian troops are getting closer to metro areas, this has caused many to search for various transport services to flee away, but this isn’t easy because the transportation services are now scarce in Ukraine.

Several train stations are now constantly crowded. Their are aid groups that are meeting civilians with food, water and donated clothes. Most of the refugees from Ukraine have been hosted by the Polish families.

America has also donated over $100M that has been used to provide safe drinking water, sanitation, hygiene supplies and many more including surgical kits.

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