The Fake Life In Studios Exposed!πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ🎧😒

There a some studios in Kenya that are really abusing musicians.

The sad story has been shared out and it’s quite enough embarrassing.

Maybe this might be the reason why our Kenyan Music Industry stagnates and never grows like other music industry in other countries.


Coastalqueen is a Ukunda Kenya based artist who had been tricked to get signed under one ‘fake music label’ in Likoni.

On her account while speaking with MITEGO SASA blogs, she outlined the reasons why she had to quit the studio after almost being raped in the studio.

“I was forced to sleep with the uncle of the owner of the studio since he dragged me into one of the rooms with a bed in the studio where the studio owner lived. We fiercely fought on the bed as the ‘Uncle’ wanted to rape me but luckily someone knocked the door outside and he had to leave me” said Bongo Fleva musician Coastalqueen.

The studio ‘Magnet Music Label‘ is owned by her friend Hascow who invited her (Coastalqueen) to be signed there as a the only female artist since there was other two males ‘Gorilla Kusini and the Owner also a singer Hascow’.

According to her narration about the sad news, The studio owner Hascow managed to get a female ‘Sponsor or other a sugar mummy” who promised to help them build the music label and also support the other artists work and sign them to the Magnet Label.

“I stayed there without being signed for while a long time then I saw Hascow brought in his sugar mummy and my relationship with Hascow had to break since the lady by name Khadija wasn’t happy anymore with me. She only wanted to date Hascow in the name of supporting the music label. The lady works in Mombasa Municipal Council” spoke out Coastalqueen.

Since the studio had hired a Zanzibar music producer by name Kim aka Stone, the management also failed to pay him to return to his home Zanzibar which led to Coastalqueen get to her pocket and funded her journey home.

“Though I had to do an escape plan to date the studio producer Kim aka Stone in fear of the Hascow’s sugar mummy, I also had to finance for the producer back home in Zanzibar after everything went astray in the studio, the fake promises from the Hascow and his Sponsor failed, I also quit the studio in year 2019” concluded the sexy vocal from Ukunda Kenya.

Find her music on her YouTube channel dubbed ‘I Miss You’ featuring Mo swagger. Enjoy

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