The risky taker who wins a life fortune in a while!

  1. Financial Freedom! 

Have you ever wondered why people live different lifestyles some filthy rich while other badly poor? 

We all have the same nature time gauge that is measured in 24 hours each day. Then what makes our lifestyle differ? 

 Since some of us go to school to seek education for employment others create sample opportunities in life that end up in building great empires of their own. 

Anyway, a life fortune is or has never been found in Salary of work done but in Profit of deals done. I know you might be employed earning a big wage or salary every month, but what’s your plan for your life with some money?

 In a true sense of things, your Salary can only give you a living but not a fortune. That your big pay slip can afford to cater for your personal effects and your family. Probably you can afford to buy one car, build a house and get basic needs for your family. 

Now look at the other side of a profit makers in businesses, investment and stock holdings. Im sure you are aware of some famous rich personalities on this planet. 

Let’s say someone like Jeff Bezos the CEO of Amazon, Mark Zuckberge of Facebook, Bill Gates of Microsoft corporation among others. Those are real filthy rich individuals who has made their life fortune from basically profit making businesses and now can afford to own anything they might need in life. 

I mean you should start thinking big since you’re never too late or too far from being a fortune maker. Basically an employee works approximately 40 to 42 hours a week in someone’s company trying to build his assets hence gets compensated with little penny for their time used. This is trading your time for Money. 

An investor, share or stock owners, entrepreneurs work their ass off every day to making that little profit that eventually defines whom they are in 3 to 5 years in life hence retire early than spending 40 years in employment building someone’s assets. Now, this is trading Money for Time. 

I nevertheless, I don’t look down to employment, it’s a job to earn you a living but now think Big about your life fortune making skills…

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