In life many people waste alot of their precious time doing non profitable things.

Being not well organized in life one may end up being traped in the following time wasting things:


Watch Television is a big habit to many people since it’s a source of entertainment.

It’s also a big time wasting things since many hours are spend as one sits down to watch programs that would benefit him or her nothing than entertainment.

You should sit down to watch a few programs that you might get some knowledge and skills from and start a business that will eventually reward you.


 Wise men say ‘Procrastination Is Thief of Time’.

Sitting at your comfort zone just relaxing and enjoying life will never change your life to the positive side. This is because you will feel comfortable with the less you might be having and never feel the urge to struggle to find some more.

You will only keep postponing activities and never do them.

So, make plans on what to do and how to start and get it done.


Many people will struggle alot to proving people things they should not have done.

Time is wasted when you keep yourself busy to making people like you.

Don’t wait for public approval just do your work your best and keep on going on.


You should always remember nobody is perfect.

So don’t keep wasting your time to trying to be a perfect man. People will never appreciate or mind your perfection.

Just do it and leave the rest..


Too much deals will make you not achieving anyone.

For you to achieve your goals fast, work on one project per time and you will quickly achieve it and move to the next project.

Don’t over work yourself because you will exhaust your minds and energy too fast when you have done nothing.


Worrying about something that you don’t know how it will happen it’s just time wasting.

This is because you can’t change the things at all cost than to just wait it come and deal with the situation as it comes.

So it’s best to keep working for your daily goals and trust that nothing bad will affect you than sitting and just worrying..

Which other factor do you feel it’s a big time waster?

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