Theives return stolen Goods😳🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️😱

Residents of Nairobi were treated with a rare scene of thieves who returned the good they had stolen.

The three men namely kiarie ,onyango and Theuri returned the goods after they allegedly got stuck on their heads when they tried to offload the items. The goods included television sets and other electronics.

Bodaboda operates who when the incident said that the three men led by Onyango arrived at the building owned by Onesmus Kamau who is a business man and gained Access to it through the main gate that was left unlocked.

The three men explained that they had permission from kamau to transport the goods to a client who had bought them online. They thereby believed them and had nothing to doubt.

Kamau later came only to find the electronics worth ksh 328,000 gone . He asked the bodaboda operaters if they had seen any intruder access the building. They then explained the information they got from Onyango . Kamau declined the claims.

Later in the day ,the three men returned the goods back to kamau’s building.He sought the help of a herbalist Dr.Ndumba wa Nduba who used his knowledge to bring back kamau’s items.

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