Things Men Hate On Bedroom!😹

Ladies Hear This..!

When it comes to bedroom time, some men if not all have phobia to some women characters.

You will a married woman come to bed with her garden cloths or aprons she spent the day on while on garden or doing her home chores.

If you are married or you a girlfriend to a man, you must learn to impress him not only on public but also in private room- Bedroom. Come naked, romantically and sexy.

Ladies please stop the habit of asking for money when it’s time to rest and enjoy sex on bed. If you have issues with your undone hair, Chama, clothing, others start chatting over the phone with friends on social media or anything related to money, make sure you talk it in dinning table with your man but never bring confusion at bed time.

Never try to convince your man to favour your plans just become you can see his moods during the sex in bed. You always think men loose hearing capacity when at climax during Sex?

Now its high time ladies you can cultivate good family values and character ethics before you spill the beans and spoil the soup.

Men always want to hear sweet words In Bed not your complaints for your personal issues.

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