Three 3 Deadly Reasons Why You Abstain From Mpango Wa Kando Completely!☠️😢

What makes you think of getting into another relationship (mpango wa kando) when already you’re married?

A few men in marriage finds it sweet to date other married women for the same reasons that single women find married men attractive to date. It’s an extremely unethical in every possible way, and it may result in very serious repercussions. After she has tied the knot, a woman is off-limits to other men since she will always be exclusively beholden to her husband. On the other hand, the vast majority of married women cheat on their husbands with younger men for pleasure. Men should restrain from dating married women for a number of reasons, which are outlined here.

1) It is a sin. The Holy Bible speaks out against acts of this kind. Adultery is committed when a married woman is slept with by another man, and a guy who wishes to have a successful life should avoid this temptation at all costs. It is the same as a man piling coals of fire onto his head, which will eventually cause him to be consumed by the flames. It is something that God despises, and you should never allow yourself to be seduced by a woman to the point where you sin against God’s commandments.

2) Makes You Uneasy. This is because both of you are aware that what you are engaging in is immoral, and if the guy who is married to the lady ever discovers what you are doing, you run the risk of losing your life as well as your standing in the community. If at any point in the future the two of you are discovered to be together, you can rest assured that you will be humiliated and shamed. Your own members of family will be dissatisfied, and they will not support you in this matter.

3) It brings about devastation:
You may end up experiencing difficulties in your life from which you may never be able to extricate yourself. It will ruin your life and your destiny, and you may even end up marrying a woman who would cheat on you because of the seeds you planted during your single years. This is as a result of choices you made when you were younger.

Do you find it pleasurable dating married people?

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