Three 3 Types Of Ladies You Should Avoid Dating At All Cost!🙆😩🏃

Men like pretty and beautiful looking girls and ladies to hang around with them.

It’s also nice to know the types of ladies that you as man should never dare to date in order to be able to achieve your goals in a fast way.

Here the three types of ladies you should keen to avoid them completely;

The Beautiful Ones – Ladies like to look smart and sexy before any man . A fact, but as man you should never go for any ladies because of her physical looks rather than who she is in spiritual world. Get a woman who can feel happy with you in fellowship.

Partying Animals- My brother be careful with some of the partying ladies who like to club. For sure this ladies can always you go broke and finally run you. Ogopa!

Abortive- Some ladies think killing an infant is a good thing to kill their curves and body shapes. Abortion is a crime and simply you don’t have to date such criminal kid of ladies because of their sexy body curves .

Avoid them at all cost my brother!! 🙆🏃

What do you think?

Written by Antony Mckenzy

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