Three Things A Woman Will Remember After Break Up! πŸ˜…

When you break up with a woman my dear brother be much careful since she becomes your immediate enemy.

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Kindly consider to take note of the following!

After a relationship break up with a lady, she will dare to remember these three things;

1. Good Things She Has Done To You – A Woman starts to recount all the good things and activities she has committed herself to do for you and she starts feeling bad for herself for having been in relationship woth you. She becomes very traumatized and a victim of her actions.

2. Bad Things You Have Done To Her – Most definitely after a break up, a lady will find your flaws and mistakes in order to soothe and comfort her heart feelings. She tends to believe that your the one (man) who deserve to be abandoned and not the other way round.

3. Evil Things She Plans To You – This now is the heartbreaking part. Her final decision. She will find means on how to deal with you in order to make a revenge and it might not turn around well to you.

So kindly ladies try moderate your emotions and feelings when it comes do some decisions about life. Break ups doesn’t mean the end of you. It’s a start point of a new life that you might have asked God for through prayer.

Let’s see life in a positive perspective and there will be no more heart attacks, stress, or bad feelings when a relationship ends.

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