Tips: How To Make Her Moan In Bed Like A Crazy Donkey! πŸ₯΅

Just be a gentleman and have a courage to have a romantic conversation with your woman.

Make her feel the vibe that will trigger her psychological, emotionally and sexually.

Make sure you are close to her while on bed and look deep into her eyes as you speak in death about sex and romance.

Every woman becomes keen when it comes to love matters and opens her all ears even her soul to get every detail you mention.

Always remember

Touch her softly from top on her head, hair, ears, cheeks, eyes, down to her breasts, waist, hips, thighs to her toes.

Find a nice formula to maker that woman know you are ready to enjoy the ‘Apple” with her.

Romantically undress her clothes one after the other till the every last one – her Panty.

You may ask her to also help undress yours too, since it hypes the sex mood and anxiety.

Gentile, rub her belly with your finger tips, slowly move to her breasts and to her cheeks.

Start by kissing her lips then her breasts, her private parts- clitoris.

Always watch her moods as they may swing from bad to good according to your foreplay plan.

Until you can hear “Aahaa, Ooh, Oh My Gosh!, Beb!” such sexy exclamations never let the game down.

After you notice her eyes turn watery and loosely, it’s a true indication that she is getting ready to accommodate you in her pussy for the Intercourse.

Smash that lady like hallelujah drums till she calls you Bazuu !πŸ˜‚

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