Who do you think owns the world?

I’m sure you have ever heard of big names like Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckberge among others.


There are the so called Self Made Individuals. Probably they have gone through school education but barely they have relied on the same education for their life success.

They have strategies that have hep them achieve their goals and now living their dreams.

The strategy comprises of risky taking in big and small business opportunities they initiate and grow. Through learning daily and improving on mistakes they fall into, they have eventually become masters of the game.

For instance, Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft Corporation in America. With his team and company has managed to take over the world with his great Microsoft softwares used in almost every computer machines. Is a great Investor too and so has held many stock in different companies and firms. This helps him keep growing reach every time since he make more passive income.

This American Tycoon is net worth is currently USD 104 Billion.

Jeff Bezos is the Founder and CEO of Amazon in America. He started making Millions at age of 30 years. He owns Amazon on on the leading e-commerce business in the world. Has massive investments in different sectors like Real Estates, Portfolios, Space, Expensive Toys among others.

Bezos’s net worth is currently USD 145 Billions.

When it comes to marketing gurus, you will find Elon Musk an American citizen who owns many companies including Tesla. He does marketing with great strategy and also makes vehicles under Tesla motors.

His net worth is currently USD 39 Billion.

Almost everybody uses Facebook as for communication or even business marketing purposes. The owner and CEO is Mark Zuckberge from United States of America. He graduated from university after had achieved his life goals only to prove that you don’t necessarily need a degree to be successful in life.

Mark is another big investor of his Facebook company and other investment companies. Has been a Billionaire at a very young age and his current net worth is USD 85 Billion.

Here is the man who believes in investments and start his company only for investment. Warren Buffet is American and an author. He has done great in investments where he owns stocks like in every big company like, Coca cola, Real Estates. So, Buffet is (10×Investing) Time times investing.

His current net worth is USD 73 Billion.

From China is the of the Alibaba Group Co-Founder, Jack Ma. Alibaba Group is famously know for e-commerce business producing goods for China and other parts of the world consumption.

He is a real investor and stock holder from different companies in the world.

His current net worth is USD 44 Billion.

Anyway, success comes from your inner potentials and capabilities of doing anything you believe is possible.

Here is the list of the top 5 world richest individuals.

  1. Jeff Bezos – Net worth USD 145 Billion. (Amazon)

  2. Bill Gates – Net Worth USD 104 Billion. (Microsoft)

  3. Bernard Arnault Family- Net Worth USD 92 Billion. (LVMH).

  4. Warren Buffet – Net Worth USD 74 Billion. ( Bulkshare Hathaway).

  5. Larry Ellison – Net Worth  68 Billion. ( Oracle).

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