A Tribe Where Men Compete To Have Bigger Bellies As This Is Their Culture (Ethiopia)

Africa is a continent with a diverse culture, there so many tribes with different cultures. The colonists tried to evade away part of our culture but yet some wasn’t erased from us.

Courtesy of the Bodi men

Their is a tribe in Ethiopia that has a very strange if not a weird culture. The tribe is identified as the Bodi, the Bodi people have a unique culture among their men.

In this tribe men compete to have big bellies, as other men around the world are going to the gym day and night so as to cut off Bellies, the Bodi men want to have bigger bellies as their culture dictates.

For those who are ready to compete go for isolation for a period of about 6 months. In this period the competitors will be just take meat, animal blood and milk.

After that they come out and the villagers choose the one who his more fat and chubby than the others. The winner’s reward is just that he his announced as the greatest hero of all time.


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