Men Who Gang-Raped A Woman And Tied Her up To The Railway Line To Be Crushed To Death Sentenced To Life Imprisonment

ON the 25th Of March 2022 two men were given a life imprisonment sentence after the Mombasa court found the two guilty of gang Raping and attempting murder on the victim.

The two raped a 31- year-old lady and then tied her to the Railway truck that is located in Mombasa.

Vincent Adet who is the senior Principal Magistrate found both Stephen Otieno Okalu and Stephen Mzee Thomas alias Kirenje guilty of the offence, and their was no turning back.

The two wanted to get rid of the poor lady after Raping her. They were both convicted for both charges of attempted murder and rape.

Case of rape alone can see one rot in jail for over 30 years, while murder itself can cause both a life sentence or one jailed for over 30 years.

The two men tied the lady on a railway line so that she can be crushed by a train, but luckily the train only managed to crush the poor woman’s legs.

The case was heard alongside 5 witnesses who narrated everything. The two convicted men are now claiming that the judgment is harsh on them, and they want to appeal.

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