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It is the happiness of every person to get to the club get his favorite drink then leave in peace. However this is not necessarily the case.

It has been a norm for Kenyan men to get drugged while in the club by “beautiful ladies” who end up stealing their their money.

The situation was not different either during the three day WRC safari rally competition. Several men have come out to give their testimonials while in Naivasha.

One of them explained how he got into one club in the company of his two cousins and two other friends. He explained that they sat next to two ladies who seemed uninterested in the happenings of the club.They were not suspicious and continued having their drinks.

The two ladies seemed deep in talk . The DJ then played one of the best hits. They couldn’t resist the urge to go to the dance floor and show their moves.

However, the young man became suspicious when one of his friends became tipsy which is so unusual for him despite how many bottles he takes . The young man chose to get his eyes wide open on the two ladies.

It was too late. The seemingly uninterested ladies had already put their ‘mchele ‘ in the friends drink.He himself was not safe either. He soon felt dizzy and eventually dozzed off.

When he woke up, he was shocked to find himself in his lodging with his money short by ksh 450,000 .

Earlier on, the police in Naivasha had warned WRC fans and those who would participate In the merry popularly known as sherehe about the ‘mchele babes’ as they have commonly been known .

They are known to drug the young men then steal from them.The drug is so strong that one cannot resist the urge to sleep and cannot remember anything after that .

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