What Killed Mother And Daughter At Indian Ocean Near Likoni Revealed

The Real Reason for Mother and Daughter’s Dying in the Ocean After Mariam Kighenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu died the most painful death locked in a tight grip in their car Toyota Isis enrollment number KCB 289C, which plunged into the ocean midstream around 613 pm on September 29, 2019, many twinkles after the ferry they had boarded took off, the Likoni drowning tragedy many times ago was the most painful incident that touched the hearts and passions of numerous Kenyans and people from other countries.

the vehicle driven by Ms. The woman and her daughter are claimed to have perished unexpectedly as a result of the auto sinking from behind, according to the CCTV footage and report provided.

Kighenda, 35, and Mutheu, 4, passed away in a tight grip on the back seat of their Toyota ISIS five-seater car.

The reinforcement’s rescuers were prepared before they arrived at the scene, but it was dark when they did. They perished for 13 solid days in the middle of the ocean before Kenya Navy, following multiple trials tempered by blame games, recovered their corpse and the remnants of the car.

Before the Kenya Navy divers were able to retrieve the body from the water, the victim’s relatives and musketeers had been on the scene for 13 good days of tribulations. The truck was retrieved from the water by a multi-agency platoon made up of workers from the Kenya Ferry Service, Kenya Navy, and Coast Guard Services. The family and the rest of Kenya were relieved when their remains were recovered out of the river after 13 painstaking days of searching by the rescuers. The family was relieved and given time to prepare for their funeral when their bodies were later sent to the mortuary in Mombasa.

Several people pondered the circumstances surrounding Kighenda and her son’s drowning at the Likoni ferry. Many times have passed, but the families of the deceased have never received justice on the true reason for their deaths.

Even so, it is now known what killed them, solving the enigma. The long-awaited cause of the drowning of mama and son has now been exposed, as two elderly officers from the Kenya Ferry Services admitted that the faultiness of the ferry that the mother and her daughter had boarded before meeting their unexpected demise was the primary cause of the tragedy.

The two KFS officials allegedly said that the prows, which provide the ship buoyancy when carrying people and vehicles, were broken on Wednesday, June 29, 2022, and that this prevented the ship from balancing on both ends. The two continue to be critical of the government for delaying the vessel’s repairs. “The two would be living right now with us,” they said, “if the government could have fixed the prows of the vessel.” The two KFS officers believe that Kenyans are waiting to see what action will be done against them.

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