Why Kenyan Music Industry Is Dying! 😫🇰🇪🎧

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Kenyan music industry seems to be in difficult times and no one has seemed to be on alert.

As other countries strive to making major progress on their music industry and music as a business, our renown artists in Kenya are on the show offs of their little wealth they have scoped in past few years.

Is Kenyan Music Dying!?

Probably yes, sorry to say that since most of the looked up artists seems relaxed and even doing irrelevant business outside the music industry. Most of them on Fame Tv program shows, while others on vocation.

Okere Black has come out to slam the recent activities of Kenyan artists who are dragging Kenyan music into a ditch .

Okere Black Slams Bahati’s Irrelevance On The Music Industry

He has pointed out the irrelevance of controversial musician Bahati who seems to be relaxed and irrelevant to the game.

“Yaaani Wasanii Wa Kenya wamekuwa bongo lala kabisa kama Máziwa Mala. No creativity, no competition, all are relaxed doing irrelevant things like Bahati and his wife just tu ni kula na kuongeza vitambi. How can they even compete with Zuchu if the deal ni kuchill na kutrend wakilula Omena!?”😫🇰🇪

His comments comes after a video of Bahati and his wife Diana Marua make headlines as he was seen happy having good times with his wife.

Okere Black now is on the trend following his newly release music audio dubbed ‘Niroge

Catch his vibe on YouTube now via the link below:

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