Why School Education Might Be a Big Scam!

Some Are Good In School While Others Are Good In Life!

Education has been divided into two groups that determines our lifestyle and destiny.

As far as school education is much propagated and accepted as a key to success, many of the school education beneficiaries are still in deep trouble making it in life.

School’s produce many professionals and experts in different sectors of economy but at the same it has failed to teach what really success is in life. You might be skillful in certain profession but the chances of success are very minimal.

The fact is, there is School Education and Self Education. Both aren’t the same!


Those who have got school education can’t beat those with self education. It’s proved that no one is like a self made individual.

Now, think about any successful individual on this world and find out how he or she made the success. Many haven’t graduated from even a tertiary institutions like Colleges, Universities among others. Some are Mult-millionaires who are just school dropouts.

Self education teaches one ways of self improvement in his or her life endeavors. One knows his capabilities and weaknesses and strives to making improvements and hence brings growth.

Take an example of world football superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo has achieved his big success after realizing his potential in football than in class room. He dropped out of school and now is a Millionaire.

Nevertheless, Facebook Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckberge graduated from University after has his big success in life with Facebook kicking all over the world and other success through  his investments.

So self education doesn’t necessarily need a teacher in class room but a planning and actions.

On the other hand, School education is based on education for employment. If you graduated with your Master Degree, you will have to seek for a employment from Self Educated people have really achieved alot in life  through risky taking, self improvement and growth.

In schools there is alot information pumped to our brains and others are very useless in real life we are living today.

The school curricular and activities are tailored in a way that after schooling, you will have to seek for employment or start from zero and teach yourself how to make it in life.

Why don’t they teach about Success, Making Money, Building Empires, Investment?

There is a big problem with kind of education passed from generation to generation in schools. The only beneficiaries are the stakeholders, teachers, and book authors who really make our heads full of many invaluable knowledge. Anyway it’s their business like any other, what about the fate of the so called students?

In America, in a population of 330 Million people, there is only 330 Billionaires.

This means every 1Million People, there One Billionaire.

How about in your country?

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