Why You Should Marry A Manchester United Fan And Not An Arsenal, City, Liverpool And Chelsea Fan

Never marry a Liverpool fan: They will keep telling you the history of the family, can’t earn anything just keep enjoying on forefathers property. But they are loyal.

Never marry an Arsenal fan: They will sell your all children. They will try to give you happiness but at last fail.

Never marry a Man City fan: They will keep buying you children rather giving own. They will make your life full of money, nothing else. They will compare everything with MONEY.

Never Marry a Chelsea fan: They might divorce you anytime, they can buy you anything but they will not really love you. They really don’t have anything but still keep thinking as if they are the kings.

Marry a Man United fan: They Got everything you want. They are brave enough to fight against the dark days, they can fight for you, will love you more than anything else. They will never let you down. History, present, future, all secured.

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Written by mind2023

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