Why you will always be Broke!😹

You always wonder why you never make progress in life?

If Yes, that could be your first step to accept to learn and other situation around you.

Many people will never understand what drags or holds them back from successful or achieving goals.

This is pretty simple habits that you might have developed over the years. Creating habits has a positive and negative impact in life.

The following are some very key habits or other reasons that you have developed and maintained and now hold you back from moving forward for success.


You always enjoy yourself with hot coffee or tea in shops or restaurants? This habit may drain your money in a short period of time to becoming bankrupt.

Every time you order a coffee from sellers you simply give out money to cater for the bill. Coffee might be very cheap to afford but with time it becomes an habit that will never get rid of and always eat money from your savings.


Another crazy habit with almost everyone is this issue of bottled water. You think this is safe water for you? Do you think you also saving money from buying this cheap commodity?

Simply No! There bottled water will just create that habit of classical lifestyle that will eat money from your pocket every time you need to purchase the product. Remember, these ares someone’s product and investment.

You will end up utilizing every single coin to buy bottled water instead of saving or investing the money in your business.


Guys are more addicted to gaming and such kind of entertainment.

It’s only poor people who can afford to spend their time playing lottery or gambling. They only thinking of how to grow rich over the night from gambling money.

Again, it create an habit that will also drain your wealth in very short time. You will find yourself buying the lottery tickets so frequently without noticing how much you spend on them and how much you also loosing doing the whole activity.


Are you a fanatic of fast foods from hotels and restaurants?

Yes, you are also in the trap and it may sound funny thing doing so but at the long run you are the loser.

This is simply because eating out is so expensive than having your meals at home.

Food prices in hotels and restaurants can’t be match from cooking at home. It’s really costly since most of people will have a team or take their families out hence the bills goes up.

You will become evey poor gradually since you will have no money for investment.


A very tricky part in most people and they never understand it.

Some people will go to buy Apps Online App stores like on Google.

It may not be the exact App they need to purchase, it means they will eventually delete it and look for a different one.

Remember, they pay for downloading the Apps and nothing they gain from such Applications.


A bad habit will always eat money from your pocket.

Once you get addicted to drugs or cigarette smoking, it never end  well with you.

It ruins your health and as well as messing with your savings.


How many times per day you load new credit cards to your phone?

So this also another created habit. Loading phone credit or buying goods on credit cards tends to make one get trapped in very serious debts.

As time goes, you will find that you can’t live life without these credit cards and that will make you a slave and drag you to great poverty.


Boarding vehicles or bodaboda’s so often will also break your wealth status.

Every single minute you just calling for Uber to pick or drop you will even become an habit. Hence, making you very lazy to afford to walk even for a kilometer distance.

They incurred from using Ubers will grow up and lead you to using all savings you had just to pay for Uber.


Many people tend to create habit of Subscription to different things in life.

Some will subscription to Netflix, Amazon, News Alerts, Magazines among others.

After subscription, they will never use their money to the fullest hence making a new subscription every single month.

This is also money wasted instead of invested. In a short while, they run of cash hence becoming poor or broke.


Such people who never ask for product or service discounts feel very high and think they are more rich than anyone else.

Asking for discounts doesn’t mean your a poor man it only shows how good in sales you are.

If you only purchase goods without reasoning about discounts, your simply loosing.

The small money you save from getting a discount can create you wealth so use it well.


This is exactly where many people will always go broke.

Getting a new phone so often makes one feel so special and powerful not understanding how much  have spend on it.

This money from your pocket in buying the new gadget goes to the company while you loose it from your pocket.

People tend to buy every expensive phones and investing very little or none for their business.

At the end if the day, you become poor or bankrupt .


Bar is one good place many people will find comfortable to spend all their money at.

You will only save nothing if you like to party with friends in bars and clubs. Every your single coin will get to the bar owner’s investment and you are the only liability on your own.

So, watch out your personal habits and cut off the negative ones and shape up the positive one for your better tomorrow.

Which habit do you think hold you back from successful in the above list?

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