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Willy Paul Dancers Dying Of Hunger As They Part Ways With Pozee!

How true is this !? For many year Kenyan controversial singer Willy Paul aka Pozee has been on trending with his music following crazy dance moves by his Flamers Dance Crew.

Willy Paul’s Dancers on Bahati’s music video

Pozee has made a name in the music industry with a big help from these dancers who have fully dedicated all their efforts to making lit music videos for Willy Paul. They have really helped in marketing him across the globe. But has Pozee recognised and appreciated their support?

Literally not, Willy Paul has been remoured to have been misusing his dancers since day one with empty promised to help uplift their living standards. He has grown and become famous but the kind of live his dancers have had it’s so pathetic that nobody can really help. They still live in the slams as their boss, Pozee resident in cool high class apartments.

Speaking on BOSS FM live show, Swagga D one of Willy Paul’s close allies revealed that Pozee has just miss used his Flamers Dance crew for several years without any payment.

“It’s so pathetic to be truthful. Pozee has misused his dancers for a while but nothing they gain from him even lastly they asked Pozee for tip at least to get fare to board a vehicle to home after a shoot but Pozee only told them to use their money, they can’t mean they can’t afford 100 bob for fare and he left them in town stranded” Swagga D told BOSS FM.

The dancers has had to part ways with the singer and joined his music rival , Bahati where they are seen enjoying what they do most- dancing on the latest song Bahati featuring DK Kwenye Beat – ‘Fanya Mambo’.

The video has been on trend on YouTube following their appearance on it while the latest song by Willy Paul featuring Miss P – POPO’ still strangled to obtain numbers on YouTube after the dancers parted ways.

Miss P and Willy Paul

Do you think Willy Paul has been misusing his dancers as alleged ?

What do you think?

Written by Antony Mckenzy

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