A 24-Year-Old woman Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison For Sleeping With Two Minor Boys (Malawi)

A 24-year-old woman from Malawi has been sentenced to 8 years in jail for allegedly sleeping with two minor boys in her room without using protection.

The prosecution desk led by Inspector Richard Kandeya, said that the accused was a neighbor to the complainant who happens to be mother to the four-year-old and sister to the 16-year-old victms.

Though the two minors victims denied the accusation, the report indicate that accused said to have insisted by forcing them to have sexual activities with her, one after the other.

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The court was told that the accused used to go out together with the two boys at night, for they were usually left at her house as part of security.

The prosecutor desk told the court that during that particular day of scene, few minutes before the beginning of the evening chores, the suspect beckoned and asked to see the victim after the evening duties.

Without hesitating, the boys went to victim’s room with one of their friends and found seven other boys working on the wall. They joined in, and other boys left after the work was done. 

From there, the suspect told them that she wanted to talk to them privately and since she had no time because of busy schedule, she proposed to meet them inside her bedroom.

The alleged lady found the two boys already standing beside the main entrance to her bedroom, where she pulled, and force them to have an act repeatedly one after the other without using any protection.

While taking plead in court, the accused denied the charges levelled against her, although she later blamed intoxication, saying she sexually abused the children under the influence of alcohol.

In mitigation, she asked the court for leniency saying she is a first offender and that she has children who look up to her for parental care.

The Senior Resident Magistrate by the name madam Florence Msekandiana, quashed the mitigating factors saying the accused was fully aware of what she doing to the victims, and could have been the first person to think of her responsibilities before committing such serious offences.

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