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World tycoons are investing heavily on Kenyan Property😱😱..This is why🙆‍♂️😳

In the recent years , some of the world’s richest tycoons have expressed their willingness to acquire more property from Kenya. However, they have not been successful.We look at a couple of them.

Seaboard corporation led by Steve Brensky based in the united states wished to buy Unga Limited, in 2018 ,one of Kenya’s best company. It is involved in manufacturing animal feeds; Dairy meal, bran and many others, alongside maize meal and wheat flour.He sought to buy 75%of the company’s shares at a price os sh40 per share against the then market share of ksh 67.19.The bid was too low and many of the then shareholders were not willing to sell their shares. His death in 2020, brought to an end his pursuit to acquire the company.

Well renowned Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s boss made his trip to Kenya ,in 2016. Many thougt that he was eyeing on M- pesa, a mobile money service ran by safaricom company.This raised a lot of attention nationwide .The then safaricom boss Bob Collymore affirmed that Mpesa was not out for sale and that Facebook should work on their own project if they so desire to have a mobile money service company.

The controversial Xeng Yang from china made his bid for Kenya’s capital Nairobi, being fully leased to him at a price of ksh 3 trillion for five full years in 2019. This came as a shock to many kenyans.This proved how wealthy he was.The then president Uhuru Kenyatta however rejected the offer quickly. Xeng Yang was later deported from Kenya after disrespecting the then deputy president William Ruto.

All this offers and bids have been unsuccessful. Many have reasoned that the tycoons might have seen Kenya’s huge potential which we as kenyans have not yet come fulfill .

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