‘You will not leave prison,’ Interior Cabinet Secretary To Paul Mackenzie😳😳

Interior Cabinet secretary prof. Kithure Kindiki has confirmed to kenyans that cult leader paul Mackenzie of good news international will never leave prison.. Kindiki spoke on sunday during a church service. Kindiki seemed agitated as he spoke.The CS said that Mackenzie will be detained for life.

He further said that even if the court freed him, his police officers will follow him and bring him back to prison.Kindiki said that Mackenzie had killed more people than terrorists.He expressed his sattisfaction with how the court system sometimes does not believe them when they term a person in custody as a killer but the court later freeds the person back to the society.

Kindiki said that Mackenzie will live in prison forever till his death, wher he will go to satan or to God if he repents.So far, 242 bodies have been exhumed in the 22 mass graves found in the Shakahola forest.After a postmortem, a majority of the bodies showed signsof starvation
This comes days after Mackenzie continued to claim his innocense and that what is hapening to him is part of the temptations and sufferings of this world . He said that he believes that Jesus will eventually save him.

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