Zimbabwe Sex Workers Cry Out After Local Men Demand Anal Se_x πŸ™ŠπŸ’¦

Demand for Anal sex in Zimbabwe has put the sex workers in danger.

The country’s sex workers cry out for intervention as demand For Anal Intercourse By Local Men Increases.

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On June 2nd, the world commemorated the International Sex Workers’ Day this thigh vendors in Murambinda took the opportunity to air out some of the challenges that they are facing with their clients and the major problem that stood out is the high demand for anal sex.

In their grievances, Zimbabwean commercial sex workers claimed that the problem with men they meet in bars is that they think that since they are sex workers they are open and willing to indulge in any type of sexual activity.

In an interview, one of the thigh vendors (name not disclosed) revealed that a number of men are demanding anal and oral s_ex from them.

This could result to high risk of contracting STIs and all other sexual transmitted diseases puting their health at high risks since preventive methods such as condoms tend to break.

The lady as well put it that a good number of the thigh entrepreneurs are now shy to go to the clinic if they get infected after engaging in anal s_ex.

She narrated of an incident whereby one woman actually died because she was afraid to tell the nurses and doctors what was wrong.

She said that the doctors only discovered what the problem was after she died.

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